Conjuring Inktober Death Monk by Miguel Caraballo

The Conjuring. #Inktober, Death Monk graphic Novel.

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Inktober Death Monk Anger by Miguel Caraballo

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Inktober Death Monk Divine by Miguel Caraballo

Gotta love those vampires. Inktober, Death Monk graphic Novel.

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Death Monk Inktober by Miguel Caraballo

My Inktober contribution from the upcoming Death Monk graphic Novel, with more to come!

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Death Monk Cover Colors by Miguel Caraballo

I had a lot of fun working on this cover.

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Death Monk Inking Process by Miguel Caraballo

This is my inking process for the final cover of my upcoming vampire graphic novel Death Monk.T hanks to my family, friends on the east coast and west coast for your support.
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